Our Leadership

Embracing The Golden Rule

Since the days of our founding Board of Directors, the Katz-Helen and Ray Whittle, Jr. Foundation has been led by people who earnestly believe in and embrace The Golden Rule of Law of Life. Our leaders believe we can make a profound difference in our community and in the lives of children by teaching them this rule and recognizing them for demonstrating the rule in their lives.

The Katz-Helen and Ray Whittle, Jr. Foundation began in 1999 and Helen Whittle Katz served as the first Chairman of the Foundation's Board.

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Current Leadership

  • Executive Director
    • Dr. Kelly Howe
    • Shelly Hall
  • Current Board of Directors
    • Ben Hartman - Chairman
    • Gerry Egger - Vice-Chairman
    • Rosemary Maulden - Secretary
    • Jerry Harper - Treasurer
    • Dr. Jim Pulos
    • Dr. Scott Spence
    • Rev. Annie Franklin Arvin
    • Alice Keen
    • Senetra Haywood
  • Founding Board of Directors (1999)
    • Helen Whittle Katz - Chairman
    • Ray Worthington - Vice-Chairman
    • Carolyn Hall - Secretary
    • George Paulding - Treasurer
    • Charlie Atkinson
    • Johnnie Heck
    • Peter Litcka
    • David Mosely
    • William Walker

Dorothy Tait In Memoriam

Dorothy Tait (1922-2023) was a devoted board member of the Katz-Whittle Foundation. A native of Virginia, Mrs. Tait lived in Glynn County since the 1970s.

Her sister, Helen Katz, was the founder of the Katz-Whittle Foundation and drew Mrs. Tait into its orbit.

Known as an engaging storyteller, Mrs. Tait knew a great deal about Virginia and was happy to pass along the history to anyone interested. She was also a big fan of the Western genre – both novels and television. She was always on the lookout for those who shared her passion for the Old West, its lifestyle, and its challenges.

Gardening and long walks were her favorite hobbies. Guests could always be sure that fresh vegetables from her garden would be part of the wonderful meals she prepared. An active person, Mrs. Tait loved to go out and enjoy nature on her walks.

She was a member of First Methodist Church of Brunswick and the Marshes of Glynn Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. Friends from both organizations remember her as a caring woman who was always ready to lend a hand.

Mrs. Tait’s devotion to the Katz-Whittle Foundation lasted until the end of her life. She believed in the organization and its mission and was an eager proponent of its work for the benefit of the community.

Visit her Obituary

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At the close of each school year, the monthly winners from each school in Glynn and McIntosh counties are invited with their families and friends to a celebration ceremony.