2016 Glynn County Award Ceremonies Photo Gallery

The Katz-Whittle Foundation honored the 2015-2016 Golden Rule Award Winners from schools throughout Glynn County on April 17, 2016. Along with the monthly winners, outstanding students, teachers and staff were also recognized and awarded for their continued excellence in exemplifying the Golden Rule Law of Life.


2015-2016 Golden Rule Award Winners

Altama Elementary School Winners

Burroughs-Molette Elementary Winners

Glyndale Elementary Winners

Golden Isles Elementary Winners

Goodyear Elementary Winners

Greer Elementary Winners

Oglethorpe Point Elementary Winners

St. Simons Elementary Winners

Satilla Marsh Elementary Winners

Sterling Elementary Winners

F.A.C.E.S Winners

Glynn Middle School Winners

Jane Macon Middle School Winners

Needwood Middle School Winners

Risley Middle School Winners

Coastal Academy Winners

Brunswick High School Winners

Glynn Academy Winners

Golden Isles Career Academy Winners

2015-2016 Major Award Winners. Back Row: Rodney Infante, GA Senior of the Year Runner Up; Roy Attical, Staff Award Winner; Stacy Short, Altama Elementary School, School Grant Winner; Pam Griner, Paragon Award Winner; Christopher Bunkley, BHS Senior of the Year; Alexandria LaMadrid, GA Senior of the Year. Front Row: Bryce Highsmith, GICA Senior of the Year Winner; Briana Herndon, BHS Senior of the Year Runner-up; Terrance Haywood (Greer), Elementary School Student of the Year; Madeleine McMahon (GA), High School Student of the Year; Cheyenne Bennett (Risley), Middle School Student of the Year.